A text based online mmorpg

1-6-2018 - 

Well I gave up.  Because of coming back to working on the game after extended periods of time, I ran into many bugs and bad code which would lead me to start a large chunk of the backend-code over again, which I probably won't do as I'm not as interested in game development as I was when I started coding.. which I am starting to move away from.

So there will be no updates or release.  I'd release this as an open source project but much of the start was when I was learning to program, as a beginner, and I had no experience or direction with making a game therefore it wouldn't serve a good example for anyone learning or trying to develop a mmo/ mud.  The game was planned by myself to be a MMO at some point but  i never moved into the realm of graphics beyond 2d stuff, and going beyond would take a lot of time of which I wouldn't find worth doing without motivation and... would require others, a team of artists level designers, etc...

Oh well.

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